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AGES 2-5

Designed for dancers between 2-5 years old.  Pre-Dance is a combination of ballet, tap and creative movement.

Creative Movement - Age 2

Pre-Dance A - Age 2-3

Pre-Dance B - Age 3-4

Pre-Dance C - Age 4-5

Puddle Jumpers

St. Luke ELC

St. Luke SAP

Growing Room

Growing Room Too

Growing Room Christian Academy

Joyful Journeys

AGES 5-9

COMBO: Combo classes consist of ballet, tap and jazz.

Combo A - Age 5-6

Combo B - Age 6-7

Combo C - Age 8-9


Hip-Hop 1 - Combo-Junior A Level

Hip-Hop 2 - Junior B & C


ACRO: Basic to advanced tumbling are incorporated with partner work and contortion skills.

Classes are divided by age.  Placement in older classes is at the discretion of the instructor based on ability. 

Ages 5 & Up

Acro 1 - Combo A & B Levels

Acro 2 - Combo C & Junior A Levels


MUSICAL THEATRE: Musical Theatre explores Broadway shows throughout history. 

In addition to learning dances, students will also be taught stage management, costuming,

basic set design, voice and acting. Dancers in Combo and above are eligible. Ages 5 & Up.

Musical Theatre 1

Junior Lyrical - Combo C-Junior Level only.  Dancers must be enrolled in Ballet.


AGES 9 & Up

Ballet & Jazz: Classes are divided by somewhat by age and skill level.  Placement in these classes are determined by the instructors. 

General guidelines are as follows:

Junior A  - Age 8-10

Junior B  - Age 9-12

Junior C  - Age 10 & up


Junior Tap 1 - Junior A

Junior Tap 2 - Junior B & C


Hip-Hop 1 - Junior A

Hip-Hop 2 - Junior B & C


Junior Lyrical

Musical Theatre 1

Acro 2 - Junior A

Acro 3 - Junior B & C

*The following classes are based on age and experience level.  Placement in these classes will be at the discretion of the instructor.

AGES 13 & Up

Teen Ballet

Teen Jazz

Teen Tap

Teen Hip-Hop

Teen Lyrical 

Acro 4

Musical Theatre 2

AGES 14 & Up or by approval

Senior Ballet

Senior Jazz 

Senior Tap

Senior Hip-Hop

Senior Contemporary

Acro 4

Musical Theatre 2


Clogging 1 - Ages 9 & Up

Clogging 2 - Ages 14 & Up with 2 years previous experience

GROUP SEMI-PRIVATE:  Our Semi-Private class is designed for advanced dancers ages 12 & Up.  Dancers must be approved in advance to enroll in this class as the enrollment number is limited.  Dancers will train specifically in ballet and technique.  Pointe is available for one class.  Dancers are required to wear leotards, tights, dance skirts/shorts and appropriate ballet/pointe shoes.  Hair must secured away from their face.

1300 13th Ave

Columbus, GA 31901

MidTown Columbus


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